5 Benefits Of Hiring A Shopify VA

If you will hire a Shopify VA then You don't have to feel as if you're doing all the work. When you're less stressed, you're able to do more things. Your mood will improve and the better company you'll be for your team. You'll be able to think straight, making more sound and informed decisions for the business.

At the same time - if you like taking up new tasks , learn diverse areas of work then VA is a good fit with money and of course WFH most of the time. Yes, to be a virtual assistant it is very worth it. Nowadays, having a virtual assistant is not luxury or "chic", but a great necessity.

Here are benefits of Virtual Assistants

1.Enable 24×7 Accessibility - Being there for the customers for nine or ten hours isn’t going to cut it now. You should be available for the client all the time, and it is going to matter a lot. This scenario is the reason why you should hire a VA from a different time zone. This way, he or she will be answerable to the client when you are not available.

VA’s can work from their home at the times that they want. This way they will be available for you even on the weekends or any other kind of public holidays. There are so many trained VA’s available in the market that you can hire in case of any emergency.

2.Reduce Operating Cost - Another huge benefit, especially for a startup. When you take on a freelancer, virtual assistant, this person will work remotely from their own home (so no office fees), they will use their own electricity and data to complete the tasks, in fact everything they use will be for their own expense.

What’s more, you will not be liable for sick pay, leave pay, taxes or any other costs that are the usual norm for businesses. All in all, having a VA is a big money-saver and definitely a worthwhile investment.

3.VAs Can Drive Business Growth - You cannot work on all the tasks yourself. Having an EXTRA HAND on projects is essential to your business growth. COLLABORATION is a powerful tool that will take your business to the next level. Your business can flourish with strategic partnerships and shared interests. When trying to expand your business, bring the talented VAs into your process. Help your virtual assistant to develop a complete understanding of your business ethics and policies. Open up the virtual floor, and allow him/her to share ideas. Eventually, you will get to see a substantial growth in production.

4.No More Mundane Tasks - Sure you want your business to be successful, but you also really dislike completing the mundane, day to day stuff like data entry and email management. Enter your VA! Virtual assistants are generally very well versed in this particular type of task and can definitely take that off your hands.

5.Pay As Per Your Requirement - The VA’s out their charges per hour that they work for you. It sounds good, isn’t it! This way, you will be paying for the services that you are getting, and you don’t have to pay for their leaves or any health insurance either. The VA’s charge according to the services they offer and the hours they spend on your work while you pay them the same amount. This scenario or condition is the best way to cut up the extra costs too.


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