5 Keyword Research Tools for Amazon

In such a competitive e-commerce environment, it’s not enough to just place your products on a market such as Amazon and wait for sales. You must make sure that you’ve done all that you can to reach your potential customer. Amazon keyword tools give sellers an understanding of their potential buyers. You can use the information you gather to form an Amazon marketing strategy and improve the visibility and ranking of your Amazon products.You may be wondering why a tool that isn’t Amazon-specific is on this list, and that’s without mentioning the fact Keyword Planner is one of the simplest tools on the list too.

There is one simple reason why Keyword Planner remains one of the most popular and useful keyword research tools on the web, and that reason is that it comes directly from Google. That means the suggestions it gives you come from a larger collection of keyword data than any other tool. While it can’t tell you what people are typing into Amazon specifically, it tells you what are the most accurate search terms on the internet as a whole, straight from the horse’s mouth. Finding popular keywords and long-tail keywords related to your specific niche from Google Keyword Planner, then searching them in Amazon can be a great way to discover new product ideas and the type of keywords typed in by those who want to buy them.

Here are 5 top rated tool for Amazon keyword research

1. Google Keyword Planner - Talking about highly effective advertising tools, Google AdWords is an awesome way to gain the required research data. One of its many useful features is Google Keyword Planner. You can keep a check on new keywords trends daily, but you need to be adaptive to the changes. Keywords are checked by Google Keyword Planner which are picked from Google search engine. It might not work well if you make it search for keywords for Amazon.

2.Sonar - Sonar provides a free Google Chrome extension which provides sellers with all the keywords they’ll need for their listings and campaigns.

You can uncover your competitors’ keywords with free reverse ASIN lookup and find the most profitable keywords in over 75 million real Amazon search terms.

3.AMZ One - AMZ One is an all-in-one package for Amazon sellers that allows you to enter different products (your own or competitors) and track sales day-to-day. It also gives alerts when your products receive negative reviews, lists the top 30,000 products in each category and more. Of course, for this list, we’re only interested in the keyword research capabilities of AMZ One, but this is worth mentioning anyway as the paid packages are priced pretty fairly and if you’re looking for an all-in-one solution, you can do worse. AMZ One does allow you to track your rankings for each keyword and see your products increase or decrease in rank day-by-day, which is certainly convenient and allows you to get an immediate picture of the current situation first thing each day.

As for the keyword research features, they do feel a little clunky design wise and keywords often seem to repeat several times through the results, which is a little bit of a shame, but the results are accurate and mostly easy to implement regardless, which along with the other features, makes AMZ One impossible not to mention on this list.

To sum up, if you are looking for solutions for keyword research only, keep doing moving down the list as there are some much better options than AMZ One in this area, but if you are looking for a cheap all-in-one solution with a variety of pricing packages to help you manage your Amazon business, this is a pretty great option.

4.Keyword Tool - Visitors of this easy to use keyword search tool can effortlessly switch between Google, AppStore or Amazon tabs to quickly get the best keywords for their products. Amazon sellers who would like to have access to more advanced features will certainly benefit from the Keyword Tool Pro For Amazon option. The Autocomplete feature can help sellers to come up with as much as ten keyword suggestions in a single search, but features like monitoring the highest ranking keywords remain out of reach for users of this Amazon keyword tool.

5.Keyword Tool Dominator - If the overall user total of a tool can be used to measure its success or usefulness, this one is used by a lot more than 15,000 users. You can choose the tool from YouTube, Amazon, or even Google tools based on your needs. It has a database that auto-completes and gives you the best keyword advice depending on the data collected by real users. This program is ideal for you if you want real information to rely on. The best part is that it is absolutely free.


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