5 Reasons Why We Should Track Time at Work

Since it is practically impossible to monitor each and every employee absence without an automated system, implementing a time-in-time-out bio-metric or clock in software system will prevent the slackers from getting away with late arrivals, early departures, and long breaks. Tracking time helps you to identify your problems and you can make strategic plans to improve your productivity for next time. Using the data collected over periods of time you can conduct self-studies to understand your time management skills and whether it is helping you reach your business goals. 1.Efficient project management - Time tracking gives you insight into where your resources are spending their time. This knowledge helps you improve project estimates, ensure costs are accurately captured and better assess business profitability. It also enables you to monitor employee productivity and help them boost their efficiency. Here are 5 Importance of Project Time Management and 5 Great Ways To Do It A.Use the right tools and equipment ProofHub, Toggl, Hubstaff, ClickTime and Teamwork. B.Know how you spend your time. C.Set Priorities. D.Organize Your Task List. Organize tasks by due date. Organize tasks by Progress E.Avoid over commitment. 2.Effective cost management - Employees know that their employers will have access to their time sheets and so they are obligated to do the work that they are paid to do.Enhancing profits and reducing costs are goals of every business. But you can only lower costs, when you have a realistic overview of where time is spent inefficiently. With a time tracking system, you see where potential time-wasting problems lie, and address them before it is too late.You reduce the risk of going over budget by accurately predicting the costs of future projects. Monitoring the exact number of hours spent on a project also means no more losing money when billing your clients. At the same time, it indirectly fights procrastination; when employees keep a record of the time that goes into a task, they are less likely to slack off and waste precious hours. Here are 5 ways for boosting your effective cost management A.Shut your door. B.Tame your technology. C.Write it down. D.Organize paper to-do's. E.Schedule it. 3.More productivity - As discussed tracking your time helps you to improve your efficiency and measure your ROI. There is another benefit of using such tools i.e. setting goals. Tracking your time effectively you can reach your goals in productivity and efficiency and also determine how higher-ups/clients perceive your work. Time tracking is key to understanding how you spend your time, personally and in business. It is key to productivity, insight, and a healthy workflow. When you know which tasks take the most of your time, you can begin to reflect on whether that time is well spent. Here are 5 ways for boosting your productivity in the workplace A.Question yourself. B.Clear the clutter. C.30 seconds or less. D.Sometimes, it’S okay to procrastinate. E.Consolidate routine actions. 4.Employee performance reviews - When written effectively employee performance evaluations can be helpful to both employer and employee. Performance reviews are important because they help each side of the table gather thoughts and become more familiar with the areas that need improvement and those that are working well. Here are 5 ways to monitor the actions of employees A.Watch employees work. One of the most effective ways to monitor an employee's performance is with your own eyes. B.Ask for an account. C.Help employees use self-monitoring tools. D.Review work in progress on a regular basis. E.Ask around a little. 5.Planning for future projects - Tracking helps you stay focused on what's important to reaching your goal. It helps you identify potential obstacles and strategies for how to overcome them. It can help you set more realistic goals and stay positive along the way. So, download the log and start writing down your progress.Time tracking sheets provide you with valuable data essential for making successful future plans and strategies. Without consulting the data gathered from finished projects, it is practically impossible to realistically plan future activities. Time tracking allows you to see how long someone really needs to finish a task, and adjust the schedules accordingly. With a time tracking system, you will be equipped to handle sudden changes when it comes to regular tasks, and prepared to make adjustments in the original plan. It will help you establish credibility with your clients, as the chances of not meeting deadlines will drastically drop.


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