5 ways to improve communication for your eCommerce website

The customer is king. Much has been written lately about the “Age of the Customer.” Despite all the press, I still wonder if we’re all doing as much as we can to truly improve and maximize customer communication channels. If not, we should be. Gartner predicted that 89% of companies would compete mostly on customer experience this year. And each customer journey starts way before they become a customer. The journey starts with their first introduction to your brand, which will most likely be your website.

1.Test message - Test your message with Optimizely. No matter what your website currently. communicates it can undoubtedly improve. Use Optimizely to test what page changes increase engagement and conversion.

2.Use call - Make it easy and delightful to call. Although many website visitors will prefer faster forms of communication like live chat, it’s still a good idea to have a phone number clearly visible on your website. For those who do choose to call, enhance the experience and use data to make the call personal. TalkDesk provides integrations with CRMs to give you a full view of contact history with each caller and tailor the conversation to them.

3.Tools and Channels of Communication - As an eCommerce business, you should put in the effort to communicate the way the customers prefer. For instance, person A could be more of a telephone person who likes to talk and reach a solution. Person B could prefer to communicate only by email, while person C may prefer a live chat. Gaining an understanding of the many tools available to you will help you reach each client in the format they are most accustomed to using.

4.Blog - A blog presents an interesting platform for you to converse with your customers and prospects. In adding to the freshness of the site, a well-cultivated blog helps build credibility and trust.

5.Dynamic content - Introduce dynamic content. If your website content is “dynamic” that means the web copy and images displayed will change depending on who is visiting. For example, if you’ve tracked a website visitor with cookies and know they are a repeat customer, you might show them a coupon for free shipping. If someone is visiting your website for the first time, you may highlight a favorite product. Hubspot has written about the benefits of dynamic content and extreme personalization in your marketing. The more tailored your messages, the better you’re communicating.


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