5 Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills for Clients

Updated: May 1, 2020

1. Take Your Time - When you get ready to meet with a client, I ensure that you do your homework. For new or potential clients, You do as much research about the client and their needs as possible until you are completely familiar. If it is a longstanding client, review their file, and talk to anyone else in the company who may have dealt with them. For new and potential clients, consider giving them some “homework” to do. Finally, make certain you allocate enough time to truly have a good discussion.

2. Stay Relevant - Beyond the preparation you have to understand the client, ensure that you have solid working knowledge of everything that you are offering the business. You have to always be familiar with services and skills, prices, and the time it takes to deliver the goods to a client.

“Poor worker health and related productivity losses cost U.S. employers $576 billion annually, including worker’s compensation, disability and group health program expenses."


3. Schedule Routine Client Communications - You have to Develop your system of communications to help your clients to keep your name in the forefront of their minds.most likely in email and Skype form, which helps them stay connected. Finally, I use my social media presence to keep my name and my services at the top of their news feed.

4. Consider Their Comfort Zone - Everyone has different communication preferences. It’s important to consider your client’s comfort zone when determining how and when to contact them. For instance, if your client is older or not very comfortable with technology, they may appreciate a phone call over an email. Similarly, younger clients may be most comfortable chatting through social media or video conferences. Sometimes your client will give you hints about which method of communication they prefer, and sometimes you may have to ask them. But communicating in a way that’s the most comfortable for them will help improve your relationship.

5. Self-Correct - You will never improve your client communications if you do not get feedback. Routinely you ask your clients how they rate their interactions with your work.


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