5 ways to relocate your business

Updated: May 1, 2020

Moving into a new office is an exciting time for any company but for those managing the relocation, it can be hugely stressful. A survey by E.ON found that moving premises is the second most stressful task that managers have to deal with. As a result, a colossal 78% of companies actually delay moving, opting to stay in inefficient, cramped and costly facilities just to avoid the stress of it all.

1.Set your budget - The packing and moving of a 3,000 square foot space would likely start at around $1,500 and range up to $9,000 depending on your files and furniture. A 10,000 square foot space would likely start at $5,000 and range up to $30,000 due to numerous employees and workstations. Consider about $50 -$250 per employee

Here are 8 steps that you should follow to manage your budget during relocating your business.

Step 1: Take inventory.

Step 2: Do your research.

Step 3: Decide when and where you want to move.

Step 4: Put money aside for everyday expenses.

Step 5: Find ways to save and earn money.

Step 6: Have an emergency fund.

Step 7: Factor in additional costs.

Step 8: Save space in your budget for breathing room.

2.Research locations - Your budget will help you define location options. When deciding on location, be sure to take into account accessibility for clients and suppliers, parking and public transit, convenience for shipping and receiving, nearby services, zoning issues, and room to grow. You'll also need accurate and complete information about the new location before you can commit to moving there. Reference publications such as The Statistical Abstract of the United States and magazines such as American Demographics are good places to start. You can also subscribe for a month or two to newspapers in the cities you're considering (or read them online) to get a general feel for local circumstances.

3.Create a timeline - Many businesses do not have a designated internal real estate personnel to manage the expansion or relocation process. Therefore the burden of a move is placed on a current staff member to undertake in addition to their current job duties. Our brokerage firm realizes this and has created a number of useful tools that can aid in the real estate process. From commonly used vocabulary to sample negotiation documents.

Here are 5 things you should follow to create a timeline

A.Things to Consider Immediately. Determine location, size and budget.

B.Months Prior to Relocation. Design new office space plans, including carpet, paint and C.window treatments.

D.Months Prior to Relocation.

E.Last Week Before Moving Day

4.Build up inventory - It's always prudent to create a moving inventory when you relocate. In the event that your personal property is damaged or stolen, you won't receive reimbursement for your belongings unless you have proof of its condition beforehand.

Here are 5 steps that you should follow to build up inventory during relocating your business.

Step 1: Inventory each room of your house separately.

Step 2: Document all important details about your belongings.

Step 3: Take photos to back up your written inventory.

Step 4: Double check all items again and make sure you did not miss anything.

Step 5: Move everything to the first floor before the movers arrive.

5.Communicate - Moving offices can be unsettling to employees; however, effective internal communication can minimize uncertainty and fear and smooth the disruption. When handled well, moving offices can be a motivational and positive change for employees.

Here are 8 steps you should follow to Communicate before, during relocating your business.

Step 1: Define key messages for the office move

Step 2: Communicate about the office move early

Step 3: Target communications and make messages relevant

Step 4: Paint a picture of the future

Step 5: Provide support channels

Step 6: Escalate communications as the office move gets closer

Step 7: Celebrate the move

Step 8: Use the office move as a catalyst for wider change


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