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Updated: May 1, 2020

It’s what you want it to be. Want to learn more about your customers? Make your brand a little more human? Build buzz about your new product? Make an influencer’s day? Provide lightning-fast customer support? Start mopping up after a PR disaster? Publicly humiliate trolls? Twitter’s got you covered.

5 Powerful Twitter Marketing Tips

(1) There are certain days of the week or times of day when users are more active on Twitter, meaning they’ll actually be more likely to engage with your posts.By identifying those hours and days and posting during them, you’ll gain more impressions, boost engagement, and get tons of clicks.

(2) Tweets that contain hashtags receive 2x more engagement than those that don’t.It’s important to use the right kind of hashtags without overusing them.Only include hashtags that add some context to your tweets.But tweets with more than two hashtags receive a drop in engagement by 17%.

(3) When you add images to your tweets, you’ll get more shares and clicks than the tweets without images.

(4) One of the easiest ways to create more activity on your Twitter page is to create a Twitter poll. All you need to do is click the same button you always click to add a new tweet, then click on the poll icon at the bottom of the screen.

(5) The entire idea behind Twitter marketing is to drive sales, generate leads, boost clicks, and increase downloads.

Research your buyer personas and audience

Create unique and engaging content

Organize a schedule for your posts

Analyze your impact and results

Gathering information about your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses on social is critical. Not sure where to start? Read our quick guide, and then use this competitive analysis template to design a social marketing strategy that will leave your competitors in the dust.


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