5 Business Ideas for Women

Updated: May 1, 2020

The entrepreneurial abilities of women in the country have begun to impact the economic standing in society. Women entrepreneurs in India are making their mark in various domains of business like interior designing, fashion, journalism and many more.

Starting your own business has its own set of risks. Most of the women in India are busily managing their homefront while secretly nurturing their dream of becoming a solopreneur. Such aspiring women entrepreneurs even struggle when it comes to choosing an apt business idea.

Here are 5 successful small business ideas for women Click here

1.Yoga Trainer- It doesn’t matter if you are just starting your first business or have been

In business for over twenty years this guide will help you prepare a concise yoga business plan and serve as a good yoga business checklist.

Here are 7 ideas for starting your own yoga business

A.Get Yoga Certification. First, get a yoga certification as an instructor from a recognized B.Authority.

C.Create A Business Plan.

D.Build A Customer Base.

E.Pick A Type Of Yoga.

F.Choose A Perfect Location.

G.Have A Logo And Website.

H.Market And Expand Your Brand.

2.Freelance Writing Business- Freelance writing as a business for women is the hottest trend. The reason is, it is easy to start and you are not bound to relocate or do your work

Here are 6 ways to start freelance writing business

A.Know who you are

B.Build a “starter” portfolio.

C.Become a better writer.

D.Invest in yourself.

E.Learn the art of the pitch.

F.Network, network, network.

3.Build Clothing Business- Decide on your niche. Starting a clothing business is a very personal journey. Clothing business is the most successful business these days. Women can do this business online and offline as well.

Here are the 7 ways to build a successful clothing business.

A.Build your budget (or business plan)

B.Organise your business.

C.Create your designs.

D.Create your brand.

E.Start manufacturing.

F.Test your product.

G.Take it to market.

4.Food/Tiffin Service Business- Tiffin Service or Meal Delivery or Food Delivery are synonyms. Generally, tiffin service is more focused on home-cooked or homely meals, where tiffin providers cook meals at their home and deliver to you. Tiffin service business has been in existence for a long time, food providing services have huge potentials to create employment and livelihood opportunities for low-income community members.

Here are 5 ways to do successful Food/Tiffin Service Business

A.Research your target market first. Like any other business, you must also start with researching your target market.

B.Prepare your needed materials.

C.Develop a marketing strategy.

D.Create a business and a meal plan.

E.Accomplish your licenses and permits.

5.Graphics Designing- Starting a graphic design business can be an exhilarating and exciting adventure whether you’re hoping to work for yourself full-time or just make a little extra money from an on-the-side design business.

Here are 8 ways to Start a successful Graphic Design Business

A.Find your first graphic design clients.

B.Set your pricing.

C.Name your graphic design business.

D.Build a basic website.

E.Develop a simple graphic design business plan.

F.Communicate with your clients.

G.Deliver high quality projects on-time.

H.Write and send professional invoices.


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